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Please keep in mind we are dispatched by the Ocean County 911 Communications Center. In an emergency every second counts, and we want to be there to help you as fast as we can. Please Dial 911. For Fire and EMS.

The Forked River Fire Department would like to advise all the residents of Lacey Township that have a Private Fire Monitoring Service, that they must inform their service that they must call Ocean County Sheriff's Department Dispatch Center when reporting a Fire or Fire Alarm. The phone number is 1-732-349-9100. Ocean County Sheriff's Department is the Primary Dispatch Center for all three fire departments.

Requests for Assistance

In 2018 The Forked River Fire Department responded to 510 requests for assistance for Lacey Township and surrounding communities the firefighters donated a total of 11,500 man hours this includes 3000 training hours and 1000 hours for maintenance of the equipment

6081 at Beach Haven Truck Housing, Parade, & Block Party.

While at the Beach Haven Truck Housing, Parade, & Block Party, 6081 won two awards. 

First Place - Tanker & Second Place - Engine! In the photo from Left to Right. FF. Steve Anderson,

FF Keith Gibson, & LT. Jay Kozak.

The Forked River Fire Department is continuously updating our website to inform the public of our history, activities and fire prevention. If you have any pictures (examples: fires, accidents, parades, etc.) which you think might be of value then please email us. Pictures will be evaluated to see if they meet our criteria. Please include your name, city/township and state so we can give you credit for taking the photo. If you do not want your name on our website the pictures will be marked as "Anonymous". We thank you for your assistance.
Contact Information

Phone # 609-693-2182 or email

Ladies Auxiliary Information contact

Located 127 Oak Street  in Forked River , New Jersey  

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